Monday, March 25, 2024

POEM: Have You Heard?

Have you heard?
They're culling the herd!
I bet you didn't understand!
because you probably
need to reduce your hoard
of lies, of coal, or of despise,
because it's so hard out here,
but yet you have to dare to survive,
and learn to thrive
in this unnatural disaster called life ...
And no - your hoard
should not be filled with knives
to cull the herd of those who have not heard
what I've been trying to say
or who have forgotten
that we need to steadfastly pray
and not overtly prey on the fallen
or attack the downtrodden,
because ill-gotten merchandise
isn't worth the price
of your freedom.
Instead, hold your heartbeat close
and take smaller doses
of the love medicine,
because I think it's promising
when someone realizes that the herd
is the community
and culling means
there would be less of you and me.
So don't hoard your heart,
and don't hoard your love.
Keep the herd close
and focus on what
what you've heard
in my play on words.


Des said...

I like the play on words in this Lin. Smoothe flow. said...

So don't hoard your heart
And don't hoard your love😊... I feel that because that's just exactly what a lot of insecure, fearful 1's are doing☝🏿. Unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Hi Knots.
Easter blessings to all!
"Have you heard?" Powerfull! You have used words to play a remarkable tune that enhances the title.