Sunday, March 17, 2024

POEM: De-stress

life is full of tests
it's almost like a
crazy contest with no context
and you spend most of the time
being frustrated and vexed
feeling stressed and distressed
with no avenues to de-stress
but I must confess
that sometimes the best defense
against stress
is to ignore the mess
and take time and invest
in just feeling and doing your best
because every day is another test
and whether you run
from the east to the west
somewhere there's going to be a pest
something will make you feel hopeless
someone will be ghetto or classless
and you still have to smile
like you're feeling the best
like you're living a lavish life of richness
but maybe I digressed because
living at your best
is where you get past the emptiness
so find your happiness
even if it's only temporary
and has no permanence
but remember - conflict unaddressed
is another ingredient for distress
so you have to use your common sense
challenges are the causes of stress
but that doesn't mean the outcome
won't be the best
because stress also has its goodness
when you get that feeling
sometimes you just have to
consider forgiveness
and yes - just take a rest
from the conflict and distress
from the nonsense and pettiness
from the major media madness
maybe just mind your business
walk away and just
focus your time and invest
in yourself

© Linette Rabsatt

1 comment:

felix wollard said...

Love how as you read it brings you into its rhythm, so much to learn from in your style :)